3 Things You Need to Know About How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries

Rechargeable alkaline batteries often are more expensive than their disposable cousins; and for good reason. You are able to use them again and again for a prolonged period of time; and they will last for a far longer period that your cheaper versions out there. When you do purchase one, you have to take care of it, because it is a small investment you are making. It makes no sense to say that you buy alkaline batteries to save money; but you then do not place attention on handling it well and preserving its utility and function. This article will discuss the three things you need to know about how to recharge alkaline batteries.

For one thing, the moment you buy them, most of the time the vendor will ask you to charge the batteries for a long time – usually more than 8 hours – for the first charge. Now this is very important. You need to do this for good reason. The battery you are buying is 'cold' – meaning it has never been used before and the cathode and anode within the chemical and metal structure of the battery needs to be introduced to a circuit slowly. It needs 8 hours to properly warm its systems and get to function. While the science of it is quite complicated, just know that you need to do this and it is very important that you do, this ensures the longevity of your battery.

Never ever charge your battery before its cycle has finished, this also slowly erodes and decays the battery faster than it normally would always wait for the entire battery to be used up before we plug in your batteries. If you continue to charge batteries when they are at full or even quarter capacity, then you run the risk of losing their reliability or even 'killing' the battery. There have been reports that rechargeable batteries dye completely because of recharge misuse. Do not make that mistake. If you feel you need constant power, have more than one battery all the time. That way you will only recharge when completely finished.

On the other note, use your batteries when you do purchase them. Rechargeable batteries can sometimes behaves like cars. If you place them in your garage too long, you might find out after a long time that the engine has died and the car will refuse to start up, let alone move. A rechargeable battery must go through its recharge cycles quite often to maintain its effectiveness. Do not make the mistake of dumping them aside. If you think you are not going to be using the appliance fairly often, then get normal alkaline batteries.

These are some of the things you need to know when taking care and recharging alkaline batteries. They are useful tips on how to extend the life of these batteries and prevent you from spending more money buying more you do not need.

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