12 x 303 / 357 Energizer Silver Oxide Button Batteries (LR44)

Price: $39.38

Specifications: Chemistry: Silver Oxide Brand: Energizer Voltage: 1.55 Volts Dimensions: 11.6 mm x 5.4 mm QTY: 12 5 times longer lasting than the Alkaline equivalent Ideal for the following applications: Laser pointers Watches Cameras Alarm transmitter Rescue heroes Children Books Calculators Blood Pressure Instrument Sugar Level Detectors Many Others Equivalent Batteries: GPA76, D76A, S76, GPA76, PX76A, A76, A76BP, EPX 76, EPX-76 AG 13, G-13A, V13GA, G-13 357,357A, D357, V357, GP357 CA18, CA19 LR44, SR44, SR44H, CX44, SR44W L1154, LR1154, SR1154 675A, RPX675, PX675A RW82 228 303 S1145E 1128MP 1166A 208-904, 280-62 SB-F9, SB-B9 KA