AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Battery – 20 pack

Price: $5.14 - $3.42

Sealed blister pack of 10 new Tianqiu 1.5V alkaline AG13 / A76 / LR44 / 357 / L1154 watch coin cell batteries. Expire date is printed on the back of the card. These factory fresh, high quality, batteries are great for laser pointers, LED light sticks, cameras, toys, games, talking books, calculators, clocks, watches, Hit Clip players, lighters, exercise machines etc. Note: Date code EXP. XXXX is printed on back of the card.Expiry Date (Sold by SolomonSupply): 2020 or later
Tianqiu AG13 alkaline watch coin cell batteries.
It can replace AG13, 357, 303, LR44, A76 rated 1.5V alkaline type battery.
Date code EXP:XXXX is printed on back of the card.
Buyer will get 2 packs, totally 20 batteries.