HyperPS (30 pcs) AG13 Alkaline 1.5V Button Cell Battery Single Use LR44 A76 G13R S76E MS76H MS76 Watch Toys Remotes Cameras

Price: $5.69

  • Brand new generic AG13 Alkaline Button Cells (Non-Rechargeable) battery.
  • Batteries are stable and have a long service life.
  • Comes in a retail blister packing.
  • For use with toys, calculators, watches and other electronic appliances.
  • Chemistry Alkaline Manganese Nominal Voltage 1.5V.

-Good in low & high temperature operations
-Perfect for memory back-up applications where long-term reliability is required
-Provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device
-For use with toys, calculators, cameras, watches, games, mother boards CMOS Battery and other electronic appliances
-Primary cell batteries & Non-rechargeable

Dimensions (mm): 11.6 × 5.4 (D x H)
Nominal Voltage (v): 1.5V
Nominal Capacity (mAh): 110 mAh
May also be known as: AG13 LR44 LR154 157 303 357 1128MP 208-904 A-76 A613 AG-14 CA18 CA19 CR44 D76A G13A G13-A GDA76 GP76A GPA7 GPA75 GPA76 GPS76A KA KA76 AG76 L1154 L1154C L1154F L1154G L1154H LR44G LR44GD LR44H MS76H PX76A PX675A RPX675 RW82 LR1154
Expiration Year: 3 Years from Purchase Date