Charge Non-Rechargeable Batteries With an Alkaline Battery Charger

Generally, when a non-rechargeable battery runs out of power, it retains about 20% of energy. When you connect it to an alkaline battery charger, this energy is reactivated and will last longer.

When activated, the charge will remain at 20% but will still be able to run the battery. After this initial reactivation, they can be recharged 3 times more to maximum capacity. After this, the battery will have been completely worn out and needs a replacement. If you can, check for signs of leaks after charging it for the third time. With the added weeks of service, you get to save money you've got used to buy new batteries. So to fully utilize your non-rechargeable batteries, invest in an alkaline battery charger.

The most popular brand of battery charger in the market is Varta. Varta chargers are universal chargers that are very versatile, capable to charge a range of batteries. It takes 5 hours to fully recharge a battery using this charger. Each Varta charger has 6 LEDS and a charge timer which helps you to know how much energy the battery has at any particular time, the trickle charge and temperatures of cell elements in the battery. The charger will detect polarity and / or alkaline defects and bad cells. It comes with a 3 year warranty. Purchasing a Varta charger guarantees you a UK power adapter plug.

An alkaline battery charger will ensure a longer shelf life for your electronic devices. They are easy to use and an important investment for anyone who owns a number of gadgets that run on batteries. When buying one, shop carefully and pick one that will match your needs. They are readily available in stores at an affordable price.

Source by Brian Patterson

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