Digital Measuring Tape

Do you have a do-it-yourselfer at home? Are you working on a project that requires multiple measurements? Then you'll want to take a serious look at the Digital Measuring Tape.

The Digital Measuring Tape looks like a regular tape measure, but it has a unique difference: it has the ability to display and record measurements for you digitally.

This means that you can see the measurement displayed in large numbers on a screen on top of the tape case, and with the push of a button, you can record that figure. Best of all, you do not have to shout for someone to write it down for you, or search high and low for a pencil!

It's the perfect memory aid – because it does the remembering for you.

This tool runs on two LR44 batteries (usually included). It has a nice feature where it turns on when the tape is extended, and turns off when the tape is retracted. This keeps you from burning through batteries excessively, or accidently leaving the device turned on.

The Digital Measuring Tape records measurements in metric figures, or you can choose the more traditional inches and feet. It will display in figures as small as 1 / 16th of an inch, or if using metric figures, as little as one millimeter. The tape allows you to record inside measurements while also taking into account the size of the tape case, so your figures are completely accurate.

Many professional builders like this new measurement tool because it cuts down on traveling up and down the ladder, and other unnecessary motion. Whether you're building a jewelry box or your new home, this tape may be just what you need to make the project run smoothly.

Measuring Tape lengths vary, and consumers can choose between a 16 foot or a 25 foot. Prices are in the $ 25 range.

So if you're working on a project at home or building your house from the ground up, you'll want to consider the Digital Measuring Tape – it could save you time and energy. It could also become your second memory!

Source by Don Schmale

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