Fixing Battery Error: "Consider Replacing Your Battery Error" in Windows 7 or Vista

This is typical windows 7 error. Although you battery is brand new you get the suggestion to change your battery and it is drained more often. As with lots of problems on windows 7, this problem is due to invalid hardware configuration settings. The registry entries that matter in this case are the ones that configure the battery, the power state (power saver mode, high performance mode, balanced mode, etc). It’s hard to fix them all manually, but with reinstalling some components it can be done.

Possible Causes of infamous consider replacing your battery Error

There could be many possible causes that lead to corruption of power settings and thus giving you this error. I will list the three most common causes here

Third party software might corrupt registry keys that indirectly affect the power state. They could also install drivers that might do the same

Corrupted shared dependencies: When a windows component gets corrupted, other parts other parts of the system get corrupted too.

Fix the consider replacing your battery Error

You can fix this error by completely draining your battery until you PC shutdown. But this fix is only temporary, since the settings that caused the error are still in the registry. You can try to install the power manager component again, but it is far easier to run a registry cleaner to fix the mess caused by these corrupted registry keys.

Furthermore the windows system has so many dependencies that manually fixing might crash your system. I’m sure that you know by now that the automated solution is far better.

Source by Celly Kayser

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