Knowing Your Duracell Battery

With the growth of the technology market, it has now been packed with many useful gadgets which need batteries to work on, somewhat like the Duracell battery. Duracell battery is used in most of the devices today. It is acting as an energizer for the functioning of the gadgets. To know more about the Duracell battery, we need to know what exactly a battery is.

A battery is actually an arrangement of some electrochemical cells which are used for the storage of electricity. These cells store chemical energy which then converts in to potential energy. This in turn creates electricity. Batteries have become a source of power for many applications and Duracell is one such company which manufactures good quality and efficient Duracell batteries. Primary and secondary batteries are the two types of Duracell batteries.

A Duracell battery provides goof life and high performance of your application. It is available in chargeable and non chargeable forms. The chargeable batteries are economical than any other primary ones. Among the highly developed and advanced batteries available today, are the lithium and nickel- metal batteries. These provide a longer service life. The Duracell batteries come in various sizes like the 9V. The usage of these batteries depends upon the size, and type which is then used for watches, hearing aids, watches etc.

Until the 1970’s these Duracell batteries were mercury based. Later, keeping in mind the environmental factors which were getting affected due to the mercury, now they have started using zinc-air, lithium or alkaline based batteries. The “Coppertop” line and the “Ultra digital” line are the two lines of Duracell batteries. “Copper top” line of the Duracell battery is used for the common buyers and is also used for the commonly used gadgets or devices, while the “Ultra digital” is designed for advances devices.

Source by Renata Bury

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