Party Ideas And Tricks – Choose Different Types Of LED Swords

Now that it is a BBQ season, plans will be made for events to be held outside the house. It is easy to think about the obvious things that are needed to ensure a spectacular event. These include food, drinks and a BBQ, of course. The only thing left are the items that will brighten up the event when the sun goes down. As it begins to get dark, there is the need to put a little more sparkle into the night as people are tired.

Most people have already used glow sticks and glow jewelry, and thanks to the success of these items there are new ones on the market now. LED swords are available and they will be just as much fun. They can be purchased in three different sizes and are bright and clear. The LEDs shine through the crystal clear prism balls and offer an amazing display of light all around the area. The smaller ones come with a lanyard so they can be kept around your wrist throughout. There are also the double ended ones, meaning that you can have twice the fun.

If you want to know the most fashionable products now, choose the Star War lightsabers with LED light. These items and many others are available in a choice of three colors: blue, green and red. If one color is not enough, there are slightly smaller swords that boast multiple colors. These have a handle that flashes. In addition to these, you can choose the twenty-nine inches long, double-ended items. They have five lights that flash through each side. The next option is the longer LED sword that can be made bigger or smaller. Moreover, you can opt for a tool with up to six colors and they go through a cycle showing each color for a small period of time.

The largest one is thirty-six inches long, and if it is to be used in an area that would make that size a problem, they can be reduced to fourteen inches. As a result, the multi-color swords are safer and easier to use than many similar products. In order for glow swords to work, special batteries are included during the purchase. The most commonly used types are three LR44 batteries. Once your batteries run out, you can easily replace them by purchasing others online. This means that the LED sword can last as long, as you want to buy new batteries.

It is generally accepted that light swords are suitable for children over the age of three years. As well, these items are CE-Marked as well as RoHS and N71 compliant. That said, it will be sensible to keep an eye on a small child that is swinging a sword. Since these devices are made of plastic, they cannot stand up to being used as weapons even when kids are having fun. They are intended to provide light and color at a time when the room or area is dark. So it will be necessary to use yours according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Source by Stephen Abbott

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