Handheld Full Body Personal Massager: Mini Cordless Massage Wand with Powerful Single Speed Vibration – Small Battery Operated Waterproof Self Massager for Women and Men – Includes Privacy Pouch

Ready to relax your body and clear your mind? Gusto\’s Mini Personal Massager will soothe your tight muscles and tendons and take away your stress in no time. The 2.36-inch massager is sized just right to target large muscle groups as well as areas that are harder to reach. Its compact size also offers discreet, convenient storage at home or during your travels.

The soft-touch coating feels wonderful as it glides against your skin and soothes any sore spots. A waterproof finish makes the massager easy to clean and care for and able to go in the shower or bathtub, too. You can take this electric massager anywhere, opening up many more opportunities for use. It\’s time to pamper yourself – you deserve it!

The device\’s high-intensity vibration provides a deep tissue massage that digs into your muscles, effectively working out the painful kinks in your feet, back, neck, shoulders, and anywhere else that\’s sore. It offers the powerful pulse typically provided by larger massagers in a smaller, more compact size and shape. This is the full body massager you\’ve been looking for!

You\’ll have no trouble operating your portable massager and keeping it charged. All it needs is three LR4 button batteries and you\’re in business! You won\’t have to hassle with any cords or try to find an outlet either, making this wireless electric massager much more user friendly.

Make sure to keep your massager close – you never know when you\’ll need it! For your convenience, our massagers also come with a small pouch for discreet carrying and storage. We\’re confident you\’ll be pleased with this purchase!

– Gusto Single Speed Mini Personal Massager
– Soft Touch Silicone with a Waterproof Finish
– Includes Privacy Pouch
– Requires 3 LR44 Button Batteries
– Dimensions: 2.36 x 0.76 in