Sentire Med SM-220 / Personal Hearing Enhancement Sound Amplifier / High Quality Digital Ear amplification device / beige

About the SM220 Sound Amplifier:Our top quality hearing amplifier is built to last. Our comfortable and slim design makes wearing this device a joy. With an easy to use volume adjustment and top quality noise reduction and feedback cancellation circuits, we are confident that this hearing amplifier device will meet your needs. Simply put the sound amplifier in your ear and start enjoying the natural sounds around you, there is no complex setup necessary. We package every device with everything you need to use, clean, and travel with this device, including three ear piece sizes. A travel case and cleaning brush are also included. This device is designed to have a long-lasting battery life. What\’s in the package:1 Sentire-Med Digital Hearing Amplifier: SM-220 Series1 Travel Carrying Case3 Long Lasting Button Battery Pack ( 3 Button Batteries ) 1 Cleaning Brush3 Domes, for Small, Medium and Large size fits1 English Instructional User\’s Manual About Personal Sound Amplification DevicesPSAD\’s or Hearing Amplifiers do not require a medical prescription or professional fitting. Many people consider PSAD\’s the audio version of reading glasses. These devices are recommended for use by hunters listening for prey, for bird watching, assistance hearing distant conversations or live performances. They are also used to amplify the sound of a television in any room. The SM-220 Series sound amplifier offers the highest performance, and stays on budget. DisclaimerThis is NOT Recommended for individuals with serious to severe hearing loss. This is NOT Recommended for use by those with Tinnitus