Repair Golf Cart Batteries – Does This Really Work?

Regardless of your battery type you can successfully repair golf cart batteries. The typical golf cart is powered by lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries provide a cost effective and reliable power source. Unfortunately, many of today’s golf cart batteries are not reaching the maximum power life they are capable of providing their owners. Many individuals may be asking themselves why is this.

The reason is that the typical owner is unaware of how to properly care for and repair golf cart batteries. Consider the possibility of doubling or tripling their life. Think of money saving potential that this can provide you. Lets face it your typical golf cart battery is not cheap, and many have more than one as a power source.

When you are looking to repair golf cart batteries it is important to understand your battery type. The typical golf cart will have a flooded lead acid battery. There are a three basic types of flooded lead acid batteries. Starting (SLI), Marine, and Deep Cycle. Starting batteries are used to supply large amounts of power/current over a short period of time. A good example of this would be starting a gas engine. A deep cycle battery is designed to supply a moderate amount of power/current over a much longer period of time. A good application for a deep cycle is to power an electric motor. A marine battery can be considered to be a hybrid. It is a hybrid in the sense that its intended application is something between that of a starting and deep cycle battery. The reason this is important is because depending on the type of golf cart it will require one of the three types mentioned above. When looking to repair golf cart batteries it is important to understand the proper type for your application.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are forced to throw away your battery when it no longer provides you with the adequate power. Throwing it away prematurely is something the battery manufactures enjoy because this means they get to sell more batteries to increase their profit. However, the owner unhappily wastes a lot of money. You can successfully repair batteries for a small fraction of the cost of buying new.

By learning how to repair batteries, you will also learn how to properly care for your batteries. This is not as difficult as it may sound. Learning how to properly care for and repair your batteries will provide you with the ability to maximize battery life, and at the same time minimizing your new battery expense.

Source by C DeVries

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