Replacing the Batteries in Solar Garden Lights

How to Get Started

Whenever you are going to take apart your solar garden light unit, you should always look for instructions located in the manual that came with the unit. Solar lights tend to have similar construction, but different makes and models will have different instructions for taking it apart. In the manual, you should also look out the type of rechargeable battery that comes with the solar light. This will make it easier when you need a replacement battery. You should never replace the solar light's battery with a normal alkaline battery. Alkaline batteries have a tendency to damage the inside of the solar power cells, making them totally useless. Always use rechargeable batteries when replacing the battery in solar garden lights.

What are the steps I need to follow to change the battery in my solar garden lights?

First find an area where you can place all the pieces so you will not lose any of them. This way you will be able to reassemble it properly. You should keep a couple of different sizes of Phillips screwdrivers handy as most units require a couple to take the unit apart and reassemble it. Use a small tray to hold all the tiny screws that are usually in the solar garden light to prevent losing them. When taking the unit apart, place the pieces in order. By doing so, it will make it easier on you when you have to put the unit back together. All you have to do is reverse the order from taking it apart.

Occasionally you will reach the battery. When you do, take it out of the solar light. Now you will have to recharge it in some way. Try using a household charger that is designed the type of battery the unit uses. In some cases, a battery will not charge to its full potential. This might happen if your solar garden lights are placed in an area with little sun. Thus, the battery's lifespan is shortened. Replace the battery once it can no longer be recharged. If your battery is able to recharge, put it back in the solar power cell and reassemble your solar garden light.

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