Simple Steps to Everyday Life Management

Metaphysics is a complex philosophical concept that deals with the abstract and physical aspects of life. It is filled with inquiries into the self-identity and experience of the external world by an individual. These two aspects of life can help shape life in a much better way than the present condition. But this inquiry can become limited because of the limitations of an individual’s mental and psychological conditioning within a specific community, society, city, and the country. Religious and ritualistic practices can also set limitations to one’s thought process. The aim here is not to define or defy those limitations, but to know how to get the best from an individual’s lifetime resources.

Meditation Could be Mindful

Existence is the first element that is features in Metaphysics. Everyone knows about their existence simply because they are conscious about it. As an individual focuses on the breathing and meditates deeply, it results in a sense of wellbeing within the mind. It helps in overcoming the regret for the past and the worries about the future. The present as such has no reasons to create fear in one’s mind. Hence, the individual gets freedom from the burden of negative thoughts to a considerable extent.

But this feeling is not constant. The feelings of doubt and skepticism are bound to return sooner or later. There have been too many books about self-improvement and personality development. There will be thousands of them in the future. But how many of them have helped in bringing about the promised results? Hence, one can safely say, the answers are within the subconscious mind of an individual. S/he needs to explore within the self, rather than trying to find answers in the external world.

By meditating on ones’ breath it could be possible to calm the mind and make it responsive to new ideas and practical implementation. The first task is to let go of the EGO (that says “I” know everything) into a state of I don’t know. Then one can experience lot of opportunities opening up on the path. Keeping the mind blank like an empty canvas can enable a piece of art to be drawn onto it. One can explore innovative channels when open to learning. It is an endless process that needs patience and persistence.

The Conscious Vs the Subconscious

The conscious mind is awake during the day and rests during the sleep. It is the window to the external world through which experience and knowledge enter the mind. It is also the part which gets distracted and disturbed easily. On an average every individual 48 to 50 thoughts enter an individual’s mind every minute. That is one thought for every second! The brain gets exhausted too easily and it can affect ones’ heart also.

The subconscious is the part of mind which is hidden from the external world. It’s only contact is with the conscious mind from which it takes feeds. As long as the conscious mind keeps feeding energizing thought, it remains healthy and active. Once the negation starts flowing in, the subconscious mind becomes numb and dumb. It is the most powerful device gifted to humans by nature. It can push an individual to the heights of the Himalayas, or it can pull the individual to the nadir of life.

The Mean Path is not Always Golden

The golden mean path is for those, who have attained the perfect balance in life. Imperfect people tend to go either to the peak or hit the nadir frequently. Faith (or belief) is the finest thread that holds the mind bonded to the core of life called existence and progress.

Belief keeps the desire to work more, earn more, live more, give more, and get more. Without this thread life becomes meaningless and hopeless. For those aspiring to be their best (not comparing with others, but with themselves) the path deviates from the mean and move up. As one starts climbing up the ladder of life, the temptation to turn back and look down takes over the mind. This is precisely when most of the people fall due to the fear of heights.

The key to progress is not to look back too often. Of course, reflecting on one’s mistakes and achievements if required to direct the person on the right path. But it should not put the individual into the trap of self glorification or self-condemnation. This attitude can seep into the subconscious mind and spread its roots deep.

If one keeps traveling on the lines of the men path, the probability of slipping down to the negative side is more. Also, the individual is deprived of the satisfaction in attaining higher goals of life. Life has been a straight line to most of the successful people in the world. It is like riding on the sea waves. Ups and downs are common which have to be experienced.

Whose Game is it

Ultimately, it is the subconscious mind that could win the day for an individual. Hence, it is essential for the person to engage in activities that provide a deeper sense of satisfaction to the subconscious mind. It could be one’s hobby, profession, or any other mean. Of course, sobriety and sanity are the two key elements that keep an individual conscious and confident. Once the sobriety is gone, the grip of fear and uncertainty on the individual’s mind becomes more.

The grip becomes severe in cases of addictions that can lead to severe incidents of insanity. Managing everyday tasks like bathing, eating, and hygiene can become complex. Life ultimately becomes unmanageable. Hence, the individual may need to apply caution while getting used to any of the addictive substances.

Choosing to Believe

According to the expert psychologists, choosing to believe (in the science, technology, medicine, or the higher power) in something other than the self can work miracles. The bondage with the self gets cut off and one can experience relaxation. When examined closely, every individual believes in something (for example, one may believe in the existence/non-existence of god, hope/hopelessness, and positive/negative), regardless of personal characters.

Source by Venkateshan Chandramouli

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