The Panasonic Viera TX-L32S10 32 Inch TV – A Review

The Panasonic Viera TX-L32S10 is one of the latest models in Panasonic's latest range of LCD TVs screens. However, it also happens to be among the most expensive screens of its size. Is it really worth the extra money? It is important to realize what you get for your money.

As far as size is concerned, this is a midrange screen with a 32 inch diagonal. For many people, this is the optimum size you want in your living room. While many LCD screens are 40 inches or more, these are simply too large for many situations. However, just because you are going to go for a smaller model does not mean to say you need to sacrifice quality.

While the screen might appear plain from the outside, it might seem rather simple, there is something more to the screen than meets the eye. It has extremely detailed and crisp images and although the screen does not actually offer the highest resolution to playback the latest in a high definition content of its native resolution, the screen still does it particularly well.

With vibrant colors and advanced processing techniques for pictures, this screen makes anything look good. Regardless of whether you want to play the very latest in high definition content, you just want to watch DVDs or even just the television, you will find that this screen will not disappoint.

It's built in audio system is fairly plain and simple but this really does not matter. The fact is, if you are investing in a screen of this sort of size and money, then you are probably into watching movies or playing video games on it. In that case, a 5. 1 surround sound system is an absolute must and regardless of what screen you have, it is always advisable to buy additional surround sound speakers system, rendering the built in speakers completely obsolete anyway.

The various perks of the screen of the TX-L32S10 include an automatic color management system and the ability to automatically change the colors and brightness of the screen depending on the amount of light and the color of the light in your room. Although many LCD screens do that these days, this one manages to do it extremely well, optimizing it on the fly for just about any situation.

In addition to this feature, it also comes with a built in the SD slot. This allows you to put your camera memory card into it and view the pictures directly. A very useful extra that a lot of screens do not have, you will surely find this is a huge bonus if you own a digital camera and want to be able to view files straight from the screen itself.

As for connectivity, the Panasonic Viera TX-L32S10 has all the features that you would expect for the price. Including the ability to connect a computer, the digital camera and your stereo system, it is ready for just about anything. However, the SD card slot is certainly one thing that makes it a good choice over many other models.

Source by Andrew Emerson

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