Timmy Time Toys Are Here!

Now that Disney Playhouse has brought the preschool favorite "Timmy Time" across the pond to the USA many parents and children are on the lookout for fun toys related to this animated series by Aardman Animation, creators of numerous hit series including Creature Comforts, Wallace and Gromit and Shaunn the Sheep. Thanks to toy company Jakks Pacific there are a number of fun and lovable toys related to the series now available in the states. Here's our three top favorites:

1. Sing and Dance Timmy;

Sing and Dance Timmy is a cute version of our favorite little lamb. Standing near 15 "tall Timmy comes dressed in baseball cap, sneakers and a funky medallion. down. Sing and Dance Timmy stands very solidly so your Toddler can dance along to two songs, an up tempo funk beat and a country tune based on music from the show. and forth.

Dancing Timmy encourages your child to dance and move along improving rhythm and motor skills and is a wonderful toy for toddlers two and up and youngger children with supervision from an adult. He takes 4 AA batteries.

2. Night Night Timmy;

Complete with his adorable Teddy Bear. Squeeze his hand, lie Night Night Timmy down, and he closes his eyes and starts snoring with a "baa baa". Sit him up and he baas once more and opens his eyes, ready for some fun. This plush toy is super soft and wonderful for nap time and children who have trouble sleeping. When your toddler goes to bed he can take Timmy with him, see Timmy with his eyes closed and play along going to sleep! A great toy for solving night time tantrums and a wonderful way to set down for the night.

Night Night Timmy Takes 3 x LR44 button cell batteries (included) and is rated for kids two and up.

3. Plush Talking Timmy;

Plush Talking Timmy is our third pick and a cute soft pal for young (and old!) Fans of the show. Squeeze his woolly tummy and Timmy makes fun animal sounds. This reasonably priced toy is rated for ages two and up but as Dancing Timmy, would be fine for a younger child with an adult to help activate the sounds. Talking Timmy also makes an excellent interactive toy for bedtime.

Source by Frida Hodgeson

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