Xia Xia Pets: One of the Newest Toys on the Market

Christmas is coming and everyone is always trying to find the newest best toy on the market. Cepia LLc may have just that toy. Cepia is the company who released the zhu zhu pets in 2009, and created a nightmare for parents who paid five times the original price on eBay to get the electronic pets on time for Christmas.

The new Xia Xia pets will have all of the children having fun. This new toy is a fun little hermit crab with moveable parts. To date there are currently four different new friends to choose from. They are Turks and Bimini for the little girls and Trinidad and Tobago for the little boys. These cute little crabs will give children or grandchildren hours of fun.

These Xia Xia pets are sold separately or can be purchased as a package. The children will love them because they are bright colors and they also can come with additional shells. They use LR44 / AG13 batteries and made really cool moves.

These little pets would make great gifts or they can be purchased and collected. They will one day make great collectors' items. Each little crab is brightly colored and will catch the eye of all children. The faces on each crab are so adorable that no one will be able to resist wanting to have one as his or her own pet. Almost all children find real hermit crabs irresistible as he or she will also not want to put this new little playful crab down.

The name is a little different but that only adds to the beauty of the new pet. The name is spelled Xia Xia but it is pronounced Sha-Sha. The children will love saying the name while playing with his or her new friend. If you buy these for your children he or she may be the first one in your circle of friends to have them. Everyone else will want to come over to play with your children.

Beside the crabs and collectible shells, there are also three different habitat play sets. The confetti cottage is a cute home which can also be used as a carrying case so kids can bring their electronic friends with them everywhere. Rio de trio village play set includes three different rooms where the crabs can play. The last play set is the Copacabana play set inspired by the Brazilian life. The Xia Xia pets can slide and scurry to their heart's content. The most interesting about the play sets is that they can be connected together to create a beautiful and unique word.

If you are looking for the next great toy look no further, this little crab will give your children hours of fun. If the children are playing and having fun you will be able to do the things you need to do. This can be a win-win for everyone involved.

Source by Shawn Manaher

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